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Heartland MLS Warns Against Misrepresentation of Properties on MLS

August 2, 2019 in Heartland MLS

Heartland MLS is urging its subscribers to protect
themselves from complications stemming from misrepresentation of properties on
the MLS. HMLS has noticed instances of agents representing a property as having
the potential to be used for a purpose other than its zoned purpose or altering
the images in a way that misrepresents the property.

This happens when agents advertise a property as being “good
for” or “would make a great” duplex, commercial space, or other type of
property it may not be zoned for. Agents should make sure they know what the
property is zoned to be, and if their buyers are considering using it for
another purpose, the agents should disclose that steps would need to be taken
with the municipality for it to be zoned for a different purpose.

Additionally, to avoid misrepresentation of properties in
photos, Heartland MLS urges its subscribers to avoid altering images in a way
that changes the structure or realistic truth of what the property looks like.
Examples of this could be photoshopping a sunset into a photo as the view from
the deck of the property when the deck does not actually face in a direction
where a sunset would be visible or digitally enhancing a photo to hide or
minimize undesirable property features.

Images that portray what a property could look like, rather
that what it does look like, such as digital renovation renderings, must be
clearly labeled on the photo to disclose that the image does not represent the current
condition of the property.

Heartland MLS recommends its subscribers be careful
suggesting other uses of properties or altering photos of properties to avoid
misrepresentation complaints.

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