Getting Licensed

1. Interview with area real estate companies to determine who you will affiliate with

You may know a REALTOR® who can recommend a company to you or perhaps you’ve seen “for sale” signs around your area from companies that impressed you. Some brokerages have career seminars you can attend, or they will meet with you for a personal interview.

You can search online for offices and simply call to arrange an interview with the managing broker so you can talk about a possible future there, their expectations, the benefits to a newcomer and their philosophy and style of doing business. They can explain the exact costs involved in getting started.

State law requires you work as a licensed salesperson under a broker for at least two years before you can get a broker’s license yourself. However, most agents stay affiliated with a brokerage in this way for their entire career.

2. Attend a licensing course and pass the state examination

Your license comes from the Real Estate Commission in the state you intend to do business. After you complete the course work and pass the exam, you can start processing the paperwork to have your license issued. The length of time from staring school to having a license in hand is usually around 90 days.

Various state-accredited license schools offer the required course work. You could possibly take your classes through independent schools, private schools operated by individual real estate companies or through an online program.

The law requires that you obtain a license in your resident state first. Most Kansas City agents pursue licenses for both Kansas and Missouri. You may apply for the second one after additional schooling and testing. Having both licenses could be mandatory depending on your anticipated market area, because you must be licensed in any state where you want to do business.

3. Next steps

After you have your license and affiliation with a broker in place, you can then join Heartland MLS and KCRAR. There are orientation courses for both organizations that will help set you up for success. One you’re a member of KCRAR, you’ll have the right to use the registered trademark of REALTOR® as you join the ranks of more than one million people who hold that title. With your membership in place, you’ll start marketing yourself, meeting fellow agents, listing and showing homes, and building a satisfying career in one of the country’s most important industries.