Committees & Advisory Groups

Awards Committee

Chair: Susan Gale
Vice Chair: Majid Ghavami
Staff Liaison: Debbie Strange

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Michael Pierce

Vice Chair: Sydney West

Staff Liaison: Mike Shell

Consumer Engagement Advisory Group

Chair: Christian Barnes

Vice Chair: Robin Atkins

Staff Liaison: Kyla Barcus

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Chair: Ernest Hawkins

Vice Chair: Donta Littlejohn

Staff Liaison: Patti Dauer

Events and Outreach Advisory Group

Chair: Rian Poythress

Vice Chair: Kelli McGovern

Staff Liaison: Emily Bannwarth

Forms Committee

Chair: Kathy Minden

Vice Chair: Sandra Maag

Staff Liaison: Perry Crume

Grievance Committee

Chair: Julie Gadwood

Vice Chair: Kathy McCarty

Staff Liaison: Debbie Strange

Heartland MLS Board of Directors & Executive Committee

President: Angela Lofton

President-Elect: Alex Goering

Staff Liaison: Kipp Cooper

KCRAR Board of Directors & Executive Committee

President: Tony Conant

President-Elect: Michael Pierce

Staff Liaison: Kipp Cooper

KCRAR Commercial Committee

Chair: John Hoefer

Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

KS Advocacy Committee

Chair: Alex Goering

Vice Chair: Andi Pawlowski

Staff Liaison: Jeff Carson

Member Engagement Advisory Group

Chair: Lora Walker

Vice Chair: Lin Van Meter

Staff Liaison: Kyla Barcus

MO Advocacy Committee

Chair: Kathryn Clark

Vice Chair: Michael Ebenroth

Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

MO RPAC Trustees

Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Erica Butler

Vice Chair: Jason Sharpsteen

Staff Liaison: Alison Trevor

REALTOR® Party Advisory Group

Chair: Theresa Gilgour

Vice Chair: Natalie Hill

Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

Young Professionals Network Committee

Chair: Lindsay Sproul

Vice Chair: Alina Kryshchendyuk

Staff Liaison: Emily Bannwarth