Committees & Advisory Groups

Awards Committee

Chair: Lin Van Meter
Vice Chair: Steve Moyer
Staff Liaison: Debbie Strange

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair: Andrew Mall
Vice Chair: David Nichols
Staff Liaison: Mike Shell

Five County Chapter

Chair: Veronica Szafranski
Vice Chair: Kaeth Zachary
Staff Liaison: Crystal Sullins

Midwest Missouri Chapter

Chair: Kyle Sexton
Vice Chair: Tony Conant
Staff Liaison: Crystal Sullins

Pittsburg Chapter

Chair: Amy Herring
Vice Chair: Madison Marietta
Staff Liaison: Crystal Sullins

St. Joseph Chapter

Chair: Glenda Ide
Vice Chair: Tammy O’Meara Chambers
Staff Liaison: Crystal Sullins

Consumer Engagement Advisory Group

Chair: Lora Walker
Vice Chair: Lin Van Meter
Staff Liaison: Kyla Barcus

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Chair: Jennifer Cox
Vice Chair: Irene Lindsey
Staff Liaisons: Patti Dauer & Amber Vandegrift

Events and Outreach Advisory Group

Chair: Joanna Eibes
Vice Chair: Angela Lofton
Staff Liaison: Maria Ryan

Forms Committee

Chair: Jessica Thomas
Vice Chair: Michele Dupont
Staff Liaisons: Perry Crume & Julie Bolton

Global Business Council

Chair: Ernest Hawkins
Vice Chair: Joshua Do
Staff Liaison: Kipp Cooper

Grievance Committee

Chair: Leslie Hogan
Vice Chair: Patrick McDowell
Staff Liaison: Debbie Strange

Heartland MLS Board of Directors & Executive Committee

President: Amy Voltz
President-Elect: John Ketchum
Staff Liaison: Kipp Cooper

KCRAR Board of Directors & Executive Committee

President: Cindy Cunningham
President-Elect: Andrew Mall
Staff Liaison: Kipp Cooper

KCRAR Commercial Committee

Chair: Ryan Hays
Staff Liaisons: Derek Ramsay & Kathy Walker

KS Advocacy Committee

Chair: Brandon Bicknell
Vice Chair: Jana Larsen
Staff Liaison: Jeff Carson

KS RPAC Trustees

Staff Liaison: Jeff Carson

Member Engagement Advisory Group

Chair: Aundre Gray
Vice Chair: Lindsay Sproul
Staff Liaison: Kyla Barcus

MO Advocacy Committee

Chair: Angel Williams
Vice Chair: Teresa Fox
Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

MO RPAC Trustees

Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

Professional Development Committee

Chair: J. Erik Juergensen
Vice Chair: Kathy McCarty
Staff Liaison: Catharine Sales

REALTOR® Party Advisory Group

Chair: Kathy Minden
Staff Liaison: Derek Ramsay

Young Professionals Network Committee

Chair: Elissa Prager
Vice Chair: Michael McReynolds
Staff Liaisons: Amber Vandegrift & Maria Ryan