UMKC REALTOR® Leadership Academy

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KCRAR partnered with the UMKC Henry W. Bloch School of Management to develop a unique academy specifically for REALTORS® to gain new skills and knowledge specific to the business of real estate. The UMKC REALTOR® Leadership Academy is a seven-month program that brings three core themes into the classroom: industry context, regional leadership and practice management.

The program is limited to 25 students per year, but those students will have the opportunity to work on team-based assignments and projects, engage in field assignment and interact with industry experts. Monthly class meetings are hosted on the UMKC campus, and the program is led by instructors from across the UMKC network.

Each graduate of the UMKC REALTOR® Leadership Academy earns alumni status at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. To learn more about the program’s curriculum, visit the UMKC Henry W. Bloch website.


Important Dates

Application deadline:
July 30, 2022

Class dates:
Sept. 7, 2022
Oct. 5, 2022
Nov. 2, 2022
Dec. 7, 2022
Jan. 4, 2023
Feb. 1, 2023
March 1, 2023

March 1, 2023