What is REALTOR® Advocacy?

KCRAR advocates on behalf of our region’s REALTORS® and property owners on policy initiatives that strengthen the ability of Americans to own, buy and sell property. We work as a part of the REALTOR®Party to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests and promote a vibrant business environment.

Kansas City Realtor Party
Residential and Commercial Forecast
  • Partner with regional economic development organizations on economic development efforts
  • Encourage REALTORS® to be more involved with local economic development (EDC) councils
  • Engage in global initiatives to increase business recruitment and foreign direct investment in the Kansas City region
  • Partner on inbound and outbound trade missions with countries who have potential for foreign direct investment
  • Advocate for policies and regulations at the local and state levels that will support business growth and job creation in the region
Rock the Block
  • Seek grant funding opportunities to hold first-time homebuyer resource events in underserved areas of the region
  • Partner with Habitat for Humanity and local cities on “REALTORS® Rock the Block”events to help improve the quality of local neighborhoods
  • Partner with interested cities and seek grant funding opportunities to hold citywide open house events targeted at first-time homebuyers
  • Advocate for policies that will reduce the regulatory burden on development and increase the supply of affordable owner-occupied and rental housing
  • Support local law enforcement agencies in order to help increase the safety of our neighborhoods and communities
School District Lunch & Learn
  • Partner with local school districts on programs to update REALTORS on district programs and trends
  • Advocate at both the local and state levels for responsible funding of local schools, higher education and vocational training
  • Engage in efforts to provide political support to local school board candidates
  • Partner with UMKC on leadership and real estate programs for current and prospective real estate professionals
  • Partner with local school districts on financial literacy and property ownership materials and programs
Congresswoman Sharice Davids
  • Advocate at both the local and state levels for more funding for all transportation networks, including roads, air, rail and trails
  • Encourage participation of REALTORS® on local transportation and planning boards, committees and task forces
  • Utilize placemaking grants to help local governments plan for infrastructure improvements to accommodate new development
  • Advocate at both the local and state level for more funding for maintenance, repair and expansion of water and sewer infrastructure


Funds Raised in 2020 92%

Each year, KCRAR sets a Missouri and a Kansas goal for raising funds for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC). The graphic above shows our progress at this point in the year for our collective goal.

Current Issues

2020 General Election: While the race for President of the United States is took up most of the political air during the 2020 Genereal Election, there were important races and proposals up and down the ballot that will have a significant impact on the future of our states, counties, cities, families and businesses. The Kansas City REALTOR® Party selected candidates to support based on their stance on homeowner issues. See the election results document below to find out which of those candidates won their races.

US Census: The United States Census Bureau has designated the National Association of REALTORS® as a National Partner for the upcoming 2020 Census. With the Bureau seeking to enlist the support of various national organizations, NAR is asking the 1.4 million REALTORS® nationwide to help drive Census participation in their respective communities.

Major Investors

RPAC Major Investors Hall of Fame $50,000+ Lifetime Investment

Jim Gamble

Hall of Fame $25,000+ Lifetime Investment

Dennis Curtin
Rob Curtis
Judy Miller
Brenda Oliver
Dan O’Neill

T. David Rogers
Elizabeth Rose
Dan Sight
Pat Tholen

Platinum “R” Investors $10,000+ Annual Investment

Heartland MLS

Golden “R” Investors $5,000+ Annual Investment

Jeff Carson
Angie Davis
Jim Gamble
Jeff Hill
Julie Horseman

Bobbi Howe
Jennifer Langston Justus
Andrew Mall
Judy Miller

Kathy Minden
Brenda Oliver
Dan O’Neill
T. David Rogers

Crystal “R” Investors $2,500+ Annual Investment

Kipp Cooper
Linda Cone
Sydney West

President’s Circle $2,000+ Directly to Candidates

Jeff Carson
Kipp Cooper
Jim Gamble
Jeff Hill
Bobbi Howe
Jennifer Langston Justus
Andrew Mall
Kathy Minden
Brenda Oliver
Dan O’Neill
T. David Rogers
Andrea Sheridan
Dan Sight
Brent Sledd

Sterling “R” Investors $1,000+ Annual Investment

Larry Apple
Steve Banks
Christian Barnes
Kelli Becks
Heather Broderick
Scottie Broderick
Diana Bryan Smith
Tameka Bryant
Robert Bucher
Jodi Carpenter
Katherine Casey
Kathryn Clark
Marian Coast
Chris Collins
Tony Conant
David Cooper
Kathy Copeland
David Costello
Perry Crume
Marcia Cull

Cindy Cunningham
Dennis Curtin
Rob Curtis
Gregg Davidson
Gary Derks
Mary Edwards
Mark Emerick
Jennifer Enderson
Kris Fabrizius
Kristine Ferrara
Joseph Gamble
Terri Gilgour
Alex Goering
Barton Goering
Aundre Gray
W. Dee Grisamore
Daniel Hartman
Ann Halterman
Marci Hecker
Gary Hosack

Majid Jalaly
Judy Johns
Kristin Johnson
Susan Johnson
John Ketchum
Dianna Kinnard
Greg Koons
Brad Korn
Robin Krieger
Rue Loevett
Dan Lynch
Wendy McDermott
Tamy Meloy
Steve Moyer
David Nichols
Kyle Niemann
Dan O’Dell
Derek Ramsay
Pat Regan
Sherrie Rickel

Angela Ripley
Jerry Rowan
Thomas Shaw
Andrea Sheridan
Dan Sight
Brent Sledd
Kristi Soligo Fleshman
Mark Soloman
Dara Stambaugh
Shannon Stumpenhaus
Pat Tholen
Lin Van Meter
Katy Vielhauer-Forrest
Amy Voltz