Data Feeds & Vendor Inquiries

Heartland MLS is committed to providing convenient access to quality MLS data. Heartland MLS is a RESO Charter Member and holds the highest certifications for Data Dictionary and WebAPI Certified, and key staff is Working with Real Estate Data Certified. Technology vendors can access Heartland MLS data under standard content licensing through MLS Grid, of which we are a founding member and one of 20 MLSs using MLS Grid to license and provide access to MLS data feeds for participants, subscribers and their designated technology vendors.

MLS Grid simplifies data licensing and distribution through The Power of One:

  • One set of rules and display guidelines
  • One standard license agreement
  • MLS Grid is RESO compliant from the Web API to the Data Dictionary. (RESO, which stands for the Real Estate Standards Organization, provides the foundation for streamlined real estate technology through the creation and certification of standards.)

Read more about how MLS Grid is raising the bar on MLS data services.

RESO Charter Member