Course Materials

KCRAR is becoming a little more green!

Printing class handouts is expensive... both in terms of money and lost trees. In our effort to scale back in this area you will need to print your own "student handout" for class. If you want one, that is. 

You may choose not to print it and just follow along in class on your laptop or tablet. It's your choice. The material we have listed below is exactly what the instructor will display on the screen in class.

All of us would be greener if you did not print it. And you can always refer back to these pages for future reference. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor.

(Printing note - You can set your printer to copy these with 3 or 4 frames on each piece of paper and in grayscale instead of color. If you don't know how to do that, ask someone at your office to help! We don't want you to waste paper and ink unnecessarily.)

Advanced RPR - Click Here for PDF 

Advanced Short Sales - Click Here for PDF 

Auctions 101 (Residential) - Click Here for PDF

Cash Flow Analysis - Click Here for PDF 

Core Class - Click Here for PDF and also Here for one-page blank Crossword Puzzle.

Doggone Mold - Click Herefor PDF

Code of Ethics - 2016-2018 Code of Ethics.pdf for PDF 

Fair Housing for Residential Professionals - Click Here for PDF

Kansas Broker Core - Printed materials are provided to everyone at class time.

KCRAR Resale Contract Course -Click here for presentation as a Powerpoint deck. (This is large! 135 pages! You may opt not to print this one, but just refer to it here online with your laptop in class or to study later.) But do copy this piece: Timeline of Contract Events - just click here.

The Hispanic & Latino Market - Click Here for PDF 

Historic Properties - Click Here for PDF 

How Independent Contractors Can Save Tax Dollars - 2016 Ind Cntr Sem pkt.pdf for PDF

Legislation Affecting Home Ownership - Click Here for PDF

Mastering REOs - Click Here for PDF 

MHDC First-time Homebuyer Programs Click Here for PDF (Note: This is 50 pages when printed front and back. You may choose to follow this on your laptop in class instead of printing.)

New Home Construction- Click Here for PDF. For supplement page Click Here.

Renovation Financing - Click Here for PDF 

Radon - Printed materials are provided to everyone at class time by the instructor from Kansas State University.

Representing Landlords and Tenants - Click Here for PDF 

RPR - (Basic) Show Consumers the Truth - Click Here for PDF  

Retire the FAX Machine - Click Here for the Powerpoint Deck

Safety Matters - Click Here for PDF 

TRID & CFPB Tips - Click Here for PDF

Selling Foreclosures and REOs (HUD) - Click Here for PDF

Ultimate Service = dotloop - Click Here for PDF

Understanding Appraisers - Click Here for PDF

Using the Income Tax Laws to sell Real Estate. - Click Here for PDF