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MLS-Touch Mobile App Launches Listing Update Feature

September 9, 2021 in Heartland MLS

Image description: Heartland MLS subscriber uses MLS-Touch on their smartphone.

MLS-Touch rolled out a new feature in the app earlier this week that will allow users to edit and update their Heartland MLS listings within the app. Heartland MLS believes this will be a move toward more timely data, as agents will be able to update their listing status directly from their mobile phones.

“I am very excited for this technology to be released to our subscriber community,” HMLS President Angela Lofton said. “This tool enables us to act efficiently on the go and provide accurate information quickly. Innovation equals success!”

Heartland MLS subscribers will now have the ability to make price changes, update remarks and directions fields, and change listing status all within the MLS-Touch app by navigating to “My Listings,” selecting the listing they’d like to edit and tapping “Edit Listing.”

This new feature means agents will no longer have to wait until they have access to a computer to change their listing status when a property goes under contract. They can do so immediately from their phone to let other HMLS subscribers know that the listing is no longer active.

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