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Heartland MLS Launches for Automatic Property Photo Descriptions

April 19, 2024 in Heartland MLS

Listing property photos contain a wealth of information. After the launch earlier this month of within Heartland MLS Matrix, that information will be automatically extracted, creating photo descriptions for agents to review.

During the listing creation process,’s AI-powered tagging solutions analyze all a
property’s images to determine the room type or home space depicted in each photo to
automatically populate the RESO “Image Of” field. Additionally, each image is provided a descriptive caption that populates the RESO “Long Description” field, which can be used to help with ADA compliance on downstream sites. These AI-generated details are then presented to the agent to review and edit as needed.

Rolling out to Heartland MLS later, the property imagery will eventually be reviewed to identify the relevant features, appliances, materials and styles that can be used to pre-populate fields in the listing creation form.

In addition to time saved uploading listings, this new benefit to Heartland MLS subscribers will offer increased data accuracy as well as easier access for those who use screen reader technology. Ultimately, the use of for photo descriptions aims to enrich MLS data, leading to more robust search capability in the future.

Heartland MLS subscribers will automatically see this new feature working the next time they upload a listing in Matrix.

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