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Support the Kansas City REALTOR® Party – Vote Tuesday, April 2

March 28, 2019 in Government Affairs

As REALTORS®, individual success depends on the ability to
promote the benefits of homeownership to buyers and sellers. But too often
success as an industry depends on defending those same benefits against
government intervention.

The Kansas City REALTOR® Party, reinforced by RPAC, supports
candidates who believe in homeownership and private property rights. Every day
elected officials make decisions that impact the clients, businesses and
livelihoods of REALTORS®. That’s why KCRAR encourages all its members to make their
voices heard at the ballot box on Tuesday, April 2.

Help protect The American Dream. Get out and Vote Kansas
City REALTOR® Party to support homeownership!

See the candidates supported by the Kansas City REALTOR®
Party below.

Find more information on how and where to vote here.

Kansas City REALTOR® Party Supported Candidates:

☆Kansas City, Mo.☆

Stacey Johnson-Cosby
Sixth District at Large

Kevin O’Neill
First District at Large

Heather Hall
First District

Teresa Loar
Second District at Large

Dan Fowler
Second District

Brandon Ellington
Third District at Large

Kathryn Shields
Fourth District at Large

Geoff Jolley
Fourth District

Kevin McManus
Sixth District 



☆Blue Springs, Mo.☆

Dale Carter
First District

Susan Culpepper
Third District

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