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Real Estate Industry to Host Candidate Forum for KCMO City Council June 5

June 2, 2023 in Government Affairs

By Derek Ramsay, KCRAR Sr. VP of REALTOR® Advocacy

In this challenging housing market, government regulations have an even greater impact on the development, affordability and growth of our communities. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on the people we elect to make those regulations.

On Monday, June 5 at 5:30 p.m., join your fellow real estate professionals at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Library (4801 Main St.) to educate yourself about the candidates for City Council in Kansas City, Mo. KCRAR has partnered with over a dozen other local housing and development organizations to hosting a candidate forum focused exclusively on housing, growth, development, affordability, landlord/tenant regulations and commercial economic investment, moderated by KCPT’s Nick Haines.

All current City Council candidates have been invited to attend, including:

  • 1st District-at-Large: Kevin O’Neill, Ronda Smith
  • 1st District: Nathan Willett, Chris Gahagan
  • 2nd District-at-Large: Lindsay French, Janay Manley
  • 2nd District: Wes Rogers
  • 3rd District-at-Large: Brandon Ellington, Melissa Patterson-Hazley
  • 3rd District: Melissa Robinson, Sheri Hall
  • 4th District-at-large: Justin Short, Crispin Rea
  • 4th District: Eric Bunch, Henry Rizzo
  • 5th District- at-large: Darrel Curls, Michael Kelly
  • 5th District: Darrell Curls, Michael Kelley
  • 6th District-at-large: Andrea Bough, Jill Sasse
  • 6th District: Dan Tarwater, Jonathan Duncan

Forum hosts include:

  • Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS®
  • Kansas City Regional Housing Alliance
  • Home Builders of Greater Kansas City
  • The Builders Association
  • BOMA Chapter of Kansas City
  • Landlords of Johnson County
  • Citizens Association of Kansas City
  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Landlords, Inc
  • Kansas City Short Term Rental Alliance
  • Mid America Real Estate Investors
  • Winvestors
  • Bridge Real Estate Investors
  • HEDC

The event is free but registration is requested at: And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, June 20! (check voter registration and polling location)

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