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REALTORS® Support GO Bonds, Stronger Neighborhoods in Kansas City

February 18, 2017 in Government Affairs

On April 4th, Kansas City, Missouri voters will
have the opportunity to invest in our neighborhoods by voting YES on Questions
1, 2 and 3, dedicating $800 Million to local infrastructure improvements. KCRAR has endorsed these ballot measures, because
Realtors know that quality neighborhoods, supported by sound infrastructure,
create stronger communities, stable home values and a better quality of life.

The GO Bonds are a package of three infrastructure-related
general obligation (GO) bonds that will allow the city to pay for badly needed
upgrades, repairs, and fixes for Kansas City’s aging infrastructure. Each
year the city will allocate approximately $40 million for projects that address
the most urgent needs. Question 1 will dedicate $600 Million to streets, bridges
and sidewalks over the 20 year span of the project. These funds will alleviate
the current burden of paying for sidewalk repairs levied on homeowners.

Question 2 will provide the city with $150 million to help
pay for flood control projects to
protect homes, businesses, and neighborhoods from flooding. And Question 2 will save taxpayers money by unlocking millions of dollars in
federal matching dollars specifically set aside by Kansas
City’s bi-partisan Congressional representatives for flood control

Question 3 will
provide the city with $50 million in funding to make critical upgrades and
improvements to public buildings , making them more accessible to those with
disabilities, and save taxpayers money by improving energy efficiency. Question
3 will also build a new animal shelter,
partially funded by private donations.

Investing in our neighborhoods through improved streets,
curbs and sidewalks, flood control and public infrastructure is vital to
maintaining the quality of life that we help our homebuyers achieve every day. That’s
why we’ve endorsed the Kansas City, Missouri GO Bond Questions 1,2 and 3!

Please VOTE YES on April 4th to invest in our
neighborhoods and keep our communities strong.

For more information on the campaign, go to

Check your voter status and poling location here:

UPDATE 4/5/2017: Thanks to you, all five measures on the ballot passed, including Mayor James’s Go Bonds initiative. This was a giant win for Kansas City, and it wouldn’t have happened without strong turnout from KCRAR REALTOR® members.

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