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Pre MLS Listing Status Launched in Matrix System

October 2, 2017 in Heartland MLS

Heartland MLS is taking a major step toward streamlining the organization of waived properties within the system. On October 11, HMLS debuted a new listing status that will allow all temporarily waived listings to be searchable within the MLS and discontinue the need for subscribers to search through a separate spreadsheet for the information (the current property waiver search document will remain available for the next few months for temporary waivers received prior to October 11). This listing status is called “Pre MLS,” and was created to foster more cooperation among Kansas City area REALTORS® and to adapt to the current market’s conditions.

The definition of the Pre MLS status is a listing that is on a temporary waiver that is entered into the MLS system.

The rules and penalties for this new status will be the same as the Active status. The Pre MLS status can be viewed by others and will be searchable but will not be included in any data feeds until it goes Active on the Future On Market Date. All temporary waived properties will be required to be entered as Pre MLS within three business days of the List Date, or seller’s signature date on the Exclusive Right to Sell agreement, whichever is later. All documentation (property waiver and listing agreement) must still be sent to Heartland MLS within three business days as well.

Please note the following requirements:
• All required fields must be completed
• A revised temporary waiver must be submitted to HMLS if the Future On Market Date needs to be extended
• CDOM and DOM fields begin calculating when the listing is reclassified to Active
• While in Pre MLS status, no price changes will show in History, only status changes
• The Pre MLS listing will have a status abbreviation of “F” (Future listing)

Click Here for screen shots and instructional documentation that can be shared with your office.

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