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NAR Call for Action: Renew the National Flood Insurance Program

June 18, 2018 in Government Affairs

The National Association of REALTORS® issued a Call for
Action today to push Congress to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance
Program (NFIP) before the program lapses on July 31.

As KCRAR REALTORS® know, many Kansas City area homes require
flood insurance for a mortgage. Allowing
the program to lapse could cost thousands of property sales per month to be
delayed or canceled.

Members can check their inboxes or text messaging for a
two-clicks-and-send personalized Call for Action addressed directly to their
Members of Congress. REALTORS® can also take action by sending a template
message to their senators and representatives online here.

The NFIP was created to provide incentives for communities
to rebuild to higher standards and steer development away from flood zones. In
exchange, communities gain access to flood maps, mitigation assistance and
subsidized insurance to prepay for future damage and recover more quickly from flooding.

To avoid the lapse, REALTORS® can urge their senators and representatives toward a long-term reauthorization of the program.

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