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KCRAR – Heartland MLS Providing More Online Form Options!

August 1, 2017 in Heartland MLS

If you are a dotloop user you may have
heard about dotloop’s recent plans to discontinue their free product and begin
charging agents a monthly fee of $29.99 for dotloop.

Heartland MLS to the rescue! On August 11th, the Heartland
Board of Directors agreed to pay for dotloop Premium for all member-subscribers
who choose to use dotloop as their preferred online forms solution
provider. This will allow dotloop users
to continue using dotloop with unlimited loops, e-signatures and storage, all
at no cost to the member-subscriber!

you are currently using dotloop’s “freemium” product, you will be upgraded to
dotloop Premium, at no cost to you!

KCRAR and Heartland MLS continue to provide members with more options to
complete standard contract forms for delivery to customers and clients, all at
no cost to members. The options include
formsRus, ZipForms, dotloop, and “print and go” forms from

To access KCRAR forms using any of
the forms products listed, go to and login using your MLS password.
Please note that some brokerage firms have a
preferred forms solution for use by their agents. Please check with your Broker if you have questions
about which forms product you should use.

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