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Kansas City REALTOR® Party Supports Candidates for Local Kansas Primary Elections

August 5, 2019 in Government Affairs

The Kansas City REALTOR® Party works to protect and
promote homeownership and property investment by speaking with one voice to advance
candidates that build strong communities and promote an active business

Working hand in hand with RPAC, the Kansas City REALTOR®
Party supports pro-REALTOR® candidates who make decisions that impact REALTOR®
members and their clients at every level of government. Looking toward the
Aug. 6 local primary elections in Kansas, the Kansas City REALTOR® Party hopes
that all KCRAR members will go to the polls and back those candidates that
support a robust real estate and business climate in the Kansas City area.

See the candidates supported by the Kansas City REALTOR®
Party below.

Melissa Brune Bynum

Jorge Flores

Angela Markley



Brady Lilja
City Council

Greg Prieb
City Council

Linda Leeper
City Council

Michael Copeland

Larry Campbell
City Council

Alan Marston
City Council

Adam Mickelson
City Council

Phil Bressler
City Council

Serena Schermoly
City Council

Tammy Thomas
City Council

Paula Schwach

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