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Introducing Realist: A Better, Larger and More Complete Public Record and Tax Database

June 9, 2017 in Heartland MLS

MLS is thrilled to announce the integration of Realist, the new public record
and tax database system from CoreLogic, which was integrated into Matrix on Tuesday, May 16th.
Realist includes 20 counties and will provide in-depth property and ownership
data, market information, street and aerial maps as well as market trends for
its users, and will be replacing the tax information currently in Matrix.
Please note that the old tax information will be available for a
limited time after the Realist release.

Similar to the older tax
information feature, Realist gives you the ability to auto-populate a new
listing directly from a public record from any of the 20 counties available.
Once it’s integrated into Matrix, you can use Realist to quickly research
properties and listings by conducting searches using property and owner
characteristics to create, save and reuse custom search queries. You can also
combine MLS listing and Realist data to create incredibly detailed reports that
your clients will love.

In case you missed the informative webinar earlier this month, you can still view it any time you like by clicking here.

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