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Appraisals & Home Inspections Scheduled Through CSS!

February 9, 2017 in Heartland MLS

Effective October 23rd, listing brokers/agents will be able to indicate if they want CSS to schedule and confirm appointments for appraisals and home inspections. Centralized Showing Service (CSS) has teamed up with KCRAR and Heartland MLS to add more convenience for listing agents, selling agents, and sellers.

Here’s how the new service will work; when a listing brokerage/agent sets up showing information in CSS for a new listing, they may choose to opt-in to allow for scheduling of either a home inspection or appraisal, or both! When a home inspector or a selling agent wants to schedule an inspection, a call to CSS or visit to is made with the date and time request. CSS verifies the appointment time and date with the seller, informs the listing agent and confirms with the inspector. Only appraisers and home inspectors who are members of KCRAR will have access to this scheduling service.

And for added convenience, for those home inspectors who have a limited access Affiliate Supra Lockbock Key, CSS can provide the Call-Before-Showing (CBS) code to the home inspector. When a listing agent chooses to add the CBS lockbox code to the listing showing instructions in the CSS showing set-up, the CBS code is not displayed anywhere but is relayed by CSS to the inspector only after an appointment is confirmed with the seller. Including the CBS code is optional.

Reduce the phone tag game and never again catch a seller off guard with an unannounced appointment; all of which adds up to increased efficiency and an enhancement of your professional image.

To start using the service in CSS, simply opt-in by confirming you want to turn on scheduling for appraisals and home inspections for your listings. Scheduling home inspections through CSS will not be available on any listing if the listing firm/listing agent did not opt-in during set-up in CSS.

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