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Tracey The Safety Lady to Teach Upcoming Latte & Learn at KCRAR

September 8, 2022 in Education

Tracey "The Safety Lady" Hawkins

Tracey “The Safety Lady” Hawkins will be teaching an upcoming Latte & Learn session on “Business-Building Safety for Real Estate Agents” on Sept. 16 in the KCRAR Leawood classroom and online. As a featured Latte & Learn for REALTOR® Safety Month, this session will not only go over safety best practices for agents but will also expand on how safety practices can be used for agents to grow their businesses.

Hawkins appeared as a guest this week on the Kansas City RealTalk podcast, where she shared how business strategies and safety practices work together.

“For every safety tip, I try to make it a production tip too,” Hawkins said on the show, explaining how a focus on safety with sellers can set agents apart.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How to use social media site NextDoor to farm online, become a neighborhood expert, for lead-gen, and for staying safe
  • How to convert FSBOs and stand out during listing presentations
  • How smart cars, smart watches, smartphones, and smart homes can keep you safe
  • And more…

In-person attendees will receive a complimentary espresso drink made to order by an on-site barista. Register for the in-person or online session in the KCRAR Member Portal.

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