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Thomas Randolph to Teach Fair Housing Class at KCRAR

April 13, 2018 in Education

KCRAR is bringing a new Fair Housing class to the KCRAR
Classroom on April 19. The class will be taught by Thomas Randolph, the Manager
of the Civil Rights Division for the City of Kansas City, Mo. The Fair Housing
Act has been in place in the United States for 50 years, and a thorough
understanding of the Act helps REALTORS® demonstrate fair practices while
working with people of all demographics.

“Fair Housing applies to every real estate related
transaction and how the process is managed, can directly impact the client
negatively or positively forever,” Randolph said. “It is important that
everyone embody excellent customer service and understand that diversity can
strengthen the health and well-being of a community. When we impose toxic
ideologies and place impediments in front of a client, we weaken the basic
fabric of these same communities.”

He said his class will go over a concise summary of the Fair
Housing Act and dive into case examples of local and national cases, so
attendees of the class can understand Fair Housing in such a way that it
becomes a part of their daily routines in their businesses.

“Without understanding the basis of
the law and how it can positively affect our community will result in it
failing,” Randolph said.

He said that some people misunderstand Fair Housing to be a
program, rather than law. This means the decision whether to follow Fair
Housing is a decision whether to follow the law. And it is a law that many
people fought to pass 50 years ago.

“When the words fair housing is mentioned, we automatically
think of race discrimination as the dominate reason for the law,” Randolph
said. “While race is a major inclusionary in the minds of many, I would say
that it is not so much important about it being the 50th
anniversary, it is more about the reason for the passage of the Fair Housing
Act itself… The history is important because everyone can learn from history
and look for means and opportunities to be a change agent to enhancement and
improvement in the homeownership process for everyone and we can start by
respecting each other, no matter who they are.”

Randolph said that training of Fair Housing law “cannot ever
be over emphasized,” and he encourages members to attend his
upcoming class to not only further their understanding of the law, but also to
create a dialogue on the subject.

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