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KCRAR to Launch New Online Education Campus and Member Communication Platforms

December 15, 2023 in Education

KCRAR will be launching two new resources this month aimed to improve member experience related to communication and education.

To provide a more customizable member communication experience, KCRAR has partnered with NoteRouter, an all-in-one email and texting platform built specifically for REALTOR® associations. Through NoteRouter’s integration with the KCRAR Member Portal, KCRAR will be able to keep members informed about the topics most relevant to them via email, text messaging or both, depending on the specific member’s preference. Each member will be able to set their personal topic and delivery preferences, selecting among 12 topic areas, including MLS, Professional Development, Events/Community Engagement, Advocacy and more. In late December, members will receive an email allowing them to select their preferences, which can be changed as often as desired.

Also launching this month, the new KCRAR Education Campus is an online platform that incorporates in-person, virtual and on-demand learning experiences. The Campus will allow members to explore a comprehensive calendar featuring a spectrum of KCRAR’s upcoming in-person continuing education, Heartland MLS trainings and professional development sessions. As they browse through the calendar, members will be able to efficiently filter upcoming classes by a myriad of criteria, including Kansas CORE and Missouri CORE. Members can access the Campus under the “Education & Events” section of Throughout the upcoming year, additional educational resources will be added to the Campus. KCRAR hopes this new Campus will simplify and enhance member experience as they enroll and attend class offerings.

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