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KCRAR Builds on ‘Which Role’ Campaign in Consumer-Targeted Instagram Strategy

November 11, 2021 in KCRAR

image description: a smart phone user looks at the @kcrealtors Instagram account.

To reach even more consumers with messaging promoting the value of using a REALTOR®, KCRAR launched a new Instagram strategy earlier this year.

KCRAR’s “Which Role” campaign launched in 2017 with six keywords demonstrating the many roles a REALTOR® carries, from negotiator to concierge to firefighter. To give REALTORS® a platform on which to show those keywords in action, KCRAR and its Consumer Outreach Advisory Group built an Instagram strategy that launched last Spring on the @kcrealtors account.

First highlighting the keywords “Advocate” and “Neighbor,” which was added in 2020 to show REALTORS’® involvement in their communities and willingness to lend a helping hand, KCRAR uses Instagram stories to share the many real-life examples of these keywords that REALTORS® live out daily. In its main feed posts, it highlights cities across the Kansas City Region, showing the benefits of living in Kansas City and how REALTORS® can help consumers find their next home.

To be included in KCRAR’s consumer-targeted Instagram stories, members are encouraged to tag @kcrealtors on Instagram as they live out the “Which Role” campaign keywords. Members are also welcomed to share any @kcrealtors content to their own Instagram stories.

Members who are new to Instagram or interested in learning the technical side of how to share the resources on the @kcrealtors account to their network of consumers on their own Instagram accounts can reference KCRAR’s Instagram Sharing 101 video.

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