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KCRAR and HMLS Staff Spotlight: Meet the Education Department

July 22, 2019 in KCRAR

Based on the work the education department at KCRAR does, it
would be hard to guess that this team is made up of just two staff members:
Director of Education Alison Trevor and Education Registrar Catharine Sales.

Not only does the education team oversee the curriculum at
KCRAR, schedule classes and coordinate instructors, Trevor and Sales both
personally work with members to answer questions on education, CE requirements,
license renewal and more.

“I think that that is one of our Association’s biggest
benefits. Whether it’s education or one of the other departments, the personal
customer service that we give them,” Sales said. “And I am constantly kind of
surprised when they respond complimenting us on that, because it’s kind of a
natural thing that we do as an association, but people are genuinely grateful
to the point that they’re letting us know. So that’s a fun part.”

Trevor said their top priority on the education team is to
ensure that the members are satisfied with not only the customer service they
receive, but also the quality of education offered. The CE courses offered at
KCRAR come at no additional cost to members, which Trevor said is not the norm
among REALTOR® associations. On top of the 28 CE approved classes, KCRAR offers,
instructor workshops, classes for office administrators, designation courses
and non-CE classes, like the Latte and Learn sessions launched last year.

After the Professional Development Committee (for which
Trevor acts as staff liaison) expressed an interest in offering more non-CE
educational opportunities for members, Trevor came up with the idea for the Latte
and Learn
series. Once a month, a mobile barista sets up outside the KCRAR
classroom to provide free specialty coffees to attendees who have come to hear
sessions on various topics from winning multiple offers situations to working
with marijuana industry clients.

“We are filling the room almost every single time,” Trevor
said. “We’re able to select topics that are really relevant, important training
for our members that both new and experienced members will like. I’ve really
enjoyed providing that type of training.”

The education team’s dedication the KCRAR curriculum shows itself
not only in the ideas and initiatives that stem from this department, but in
their interaction with and service to REALTORS®.

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