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Historic Preservation and Architectural Tour Coming for Real Estate Agents

May 10, 2018 in Education

Historical preservation experts will be speaking on a panel
on June 7 at the Historical Preservation Training and Architectural Tour for
Real Estate Agents. The course will take place at the Truman Memorial Building
from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The panel will provide three short sessions for attendees to
learn the ins and outs of historical preservation in properties. Wendy Shay,
the Historic Preservation Manager for the City of Independence, will go over how repairs and
changes to properties in the historic district and those that are locally
designated are reviewed by the Heritage Commission. She will also discuss
design regulations such as window and roof replacement, additions and removals.

Local historian Mike Calvert will then share some of the
history that has shaped the area as part of its evolution to become what it is

Other historic property experts, including Audrey Elder, author of Guide to Selling Historic Properties, will present tips and ideas
specific to marketing historic aged properties. The panel will end with a
question and answers session before a guided historic architectural walking
tour intended to help agents better identify specific types and styles of
architecture and characteristics.

historic property experts will provide insights such as these so attendees can
feel confident working with historical properties.

Register for the Historical Preservation Training and Architectural Tour here.
Members can also buy a copy of Elder’s book at any time in the KCRAR store.

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