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Get to Know the Leadership Academies

February 7, 2019 in Education

Three different leadership academies exist between KCRAR, Missouri REALTORS® and the Kansas Association of REALTORS®. Each offer unique education opportunities for REALTORS® interested in refining
their leadership and business skills, and all offer scholarships to select

UMKC REALTOR® Leadership Academy

KCRAR and UMKC have partnered
to deliver the UMKC REALTOR® Leadership Academy. All KCRAR members are eligible
to apply for this seven-month academy, and graduates of the program are honored
as Henry W. Bloch School of Management alumni. Students in the program meet
once a month at UMKC and explore the implications of leading businesses in a
world of constant change by examining forces impacting real estate on a
national and local level. Registration is limited and the next Academy will
begin in September 2019.

Missouri REALTORS® Leadership Academy

Missouri REALTOR® members are eligible to apply for this
program, which consists of five retreats. Students will study leadership,
teamwork, communication, legislative leadership, ethics and decisions during
these retreats, which each last a few days at different locations in Missouri. Application
is currently open
for the 2019-2020 class, and the deadline to apply
is April 5.

KAR Right Track Leadership Academy

Kansas REALTOR® members are eligible to apply for this
, which also consists of five retreats. This program focuses
in on public speaking, team building, negotiation, goal setting and conflict
resolution. Applications for the Right Track Academy usually open up in the
Fall for the following year’s session.

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