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Discover the Advantages of Upgrading to a Supra eKEY

February 9, 2017 in KCRAR

Do you still subscribe to the Supra dKEY? If so, you should consider upgrading to the Supra eKEY for the extra features and convenience many KCRAR members enjoy.

Travel light by carrying only your smartphone, without the fuss of extra devices, chargers, and cables. If you are like most real estate agents, you don’t go anywhere without your phone. And with the eKEY, when you have your phone you have your Supra Key. Never be late for a showing because you forgot your Supra Key!

The eKEY app harnesses the power of a smartphone to provide both convenience and business efficiency for agents. The Supra eKEY app uses the phone’s communications technologies to communicate with the lockbox and to transmit real-time data to the Supra system.

Once an eKey is updated, it stays updated throughout the day so you can open lockboxes even if you aren’t in cell coverage. No more cradling. Open the Supra eKEY app on your phone and instantly receive daily access to all iBoxes in the area.

The eKEY app on your phone allows you to change access times and shackle codes on your lockboxes and track your lockbox inventory and lockbox settings. User friendly messages on the Supra phone app guide you through each step. Gain an audit trail of activity on your listings indicating who has opened your lockboxes and when.

Summary of eKEY Advantages

In addition to the convenience of always having your eKEY with you when you have your phone, you can open iBoxes and release shackles, you can view showing agent information, read showing notes left in iBox, customize iBox access hours (crucial for s seller who may be a day sleeper), program notes on your listings for showing agents, create a business card in your iBox, track your iBox inventory, view and modify your iBox settings, change your iBox shackle codes, receive showing notices on your eKEY when your iBoxes are opened and send showing feedback to listing agents.

Not sure you want to make the switch? Download the Supra eKEY app from the Apple or Android app store to view in demo mode. The eKEY is just a few dollars more each month than the standard issue dKEY device. And unlike the dKEY which requires payment for 6 months of service, eKEYs are conveniently charged to your credit card or by bank draft each month. For more details on devices supported and how to make the switch, visit

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