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Commercial Training Coming to KCRAR

January 10, 2020 in Education

KCRAR is launching a new class on commercial real estate
specifically for newer, less experienced commercial agents or residential agents looking to
expand their practice into the commercial market. “The Commercial Experience” is
a two-day course that will cover technical knowledge, skills and strategies.

Marty Rueter, Executive Vice President of Coldwell Banker
Commercial Metro Brokers in Atlanta, will teach the class on Feb. 24 and 25. He has a background in writing and teaching basic and advanced commercial training courses for new and seasoned associates. In “The Commercial Experience,” Rueter will dive
into different commercial property types, how they’re evaluated, marketed,
financed, taxed, sold or traded –incorporating simplified (or complex) analysis
methods, along with always-complicated real estate tax laws.

The course aims to teach attendees how to calculate various
“rates of return,” recognize the “time value of money” – how to price, measure
and scrutinize, and explore available resources to search and research,
including specialized real estate trade groups.

The class offers nine hours of CE elective credit in
Missouri and Kansas. KCRAR members can register in the member portal for the
early bird rate of $125 through Jan. 31. Non-members may register at the early
bird rate of $175 by calling 913-661-1600.

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