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Veterans… Don’t Use Just Any REALTOR®, Use a Real Estate Agent Who Understands the Military

August 1, 2017 in Guest Columns

Buying home will probably be one of the largest,
most significant purchases of your life. You should treat the experience
as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although every REALTOR® must go
through the same training, not
all REALTORS® are created equal. As experts in their field, they all find their
niche, so to speak. This is why a veteran should team up with a REALTOR® who
understands the Military and the VA loan process; someone who will go that
extra mile for you – a military veteran. A knowledgeable veteran
REALTOR® specializing in the VA loan process can save you both time and money
and make the home-buying process a smooth and seamless experience. Here’s

Understanding the
Complexities and Benefits of a VA Loan

good veteran agent specializing in VA loans knows and understands the rules and
standards set by the VA. From minimum property requirements to inspections
and appraisals, your agent should be working hard for you and your family to
ensure no delays and on-time closings. Choosing a veteran REALTOR® with
experience on both ends of the process (buying and selling) will give you an
edge in understanding and capitalizing on the perks of VA loans. You could be
missing out on benefits such as 0% down payment; low interest rates, No PMI and
possible funding fee waivers. Going into the home-buying process with this
information at the ready will only help a veteran home buyer secure the best
possible deal in the long run.

Identifying and
Understanding the Military Lifestyle

In addition to understanding the ins and outs of VA
loans, there are a few other reasons to use a veteran-friendly REALTOR®. For
example, current military personnel and military veterans naturally identify
with each other. Having experienced the hardships and rewards of military
life at home and abroad, they understand and trust core military
values. It’s only natural a veteran REALTOR® would go above and beyond for
their fellow soldiers and give back to the community that cultivated their core

Orders are Orders… You Need to Move with a
Sense of Urgency

A veteran agent also understands that the demands
of military life are significantly different than what most civilians
experience. Soldiers tend to move more than civilians. Often, moves
are made every few years as the military dictates. Knowing that an agent
has gone through a permanent change of station is more likely to fully grasp
the sense of urgency and complexities that comes with each PCS. Military
moves involve many moving pieces. A good agent will help speed things
along, provide extra time and services and generally ease the burden of another
move on both vets and their families.

Military personnel live fast-paced lives that
thrive on planning and structure: Often, wives and young children are uprooted
to begin again in new cities, far away from friends and family. A veteran
agent understands your deadline is hard and fast; missing it means more time
apart from wives and kids and more stress on the family unit. When
choosing a REALTOR® in your area, look for a fellow veteran with VA loan
experience, an appreciation for your unique circumstances and the dedication to
get you into your new home worry-free.

Reprinted from with permission from the author.

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