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President Sheridan: Takin’ Care of Business

May 11, 2018 in Guest Columns

Song: Takin’ Care of Business

Okay, let’s get down to business. The National Association
of REALTORS® (NAR) has proposed a $30 dues increase. Because this affects all
of you as REALTORS®, I wanted to share some background, facts and information
with you, so you can be as knowledgeable about this as possible. This goes
to a vote of the national board of directors next week.

Since 1994, NAR has only had one dues increase of $16 in
. That means that new programming costs have been drawn from reserves. Conversely, this proposed plan uses a $35 million budget for new programming in
a set of Initiatives called S.M.A.R.T. – Strategic Measures Advancing REALTORS®
to Tomorrow.

That budget includes dollars to…

  • Define measurable increases in
  • Increase influence in an uncertain legislative,
    regulatory and political environment
  • Take the management of real estate data to the
    next level
  • Ensure the role of the REALTOR® is essential to
    the consumer
Here’s how it breaks down:

 That means that the $30 per member will be going to these
specific allocations:

  • $17 dedicated to REALTOR® Party programming
  • $13 for operation and program, which will focus on…
    • Forms
    • Occupancy costs
    • Strategic Business, Innovation & Technology
    • Commitment to Excellence
    • Financial Wellness Program for Members 
You can read a full copy of the S.M.A.R.T. Budget here to see for yourself what exactly this proposed dues increase would be funding.

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