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President Sheridan: Fight for Your Right

January 30, 2018 in Guest Columns

Song: Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys

Thank you to those who took and will take time out of their
businesses to attend hill visits in Jefferson City, Mo. and Topeka,
Kan. While on the hill, we spoke with our legislators regarding issues
that affect home ownership as well as the right to run our real estate business
without illogical constraints. These sessions’ issues included protection of
low income and historic homes tax credits, creation of first-time home buyers
savings plan, immunity from litigious predators regarding publication of third
party verified square foot in a listing and even more that you can read about

It takes all of our voices to ‘Fight for the Right’ to
protect home owners and the profession of the REALTOR®. Thank you to each of you
who responded to the Call to Action when it came across your email or
text. That one small investment of time has a huge impact to making sure
our message is heard.

Now for the ‘Party’ part of the song: Congratulations to all
of KCRAR for earning the RPAC award for Over Investment Goal, Over Major
Investor Goal, Over President’s Circle Goal. If you want to get involved in
RPAC, you can get more information on its website. The more voices we have sharing the REALTOR® message, the better! And speaking
of partying, a great way you can contribute to RPAC is by attending this year’s
American Dream Party and Auction on May 3. And if you can’t make it, you can
still donate items for the auction! If you’re interested in donating items,
contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Party on REALTOR® family!


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