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President Moyer: From Reluctant Investor to An Unintentional Leader

February 15, 2019 in Guest Columns

I’ve always invested in RPAC, but it felt like an
obligation. Luke Bell, our Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs
informed me I was the first major investor of the year. I could have used my investment
and apparent eagerness as motivation for the rest of you to invest or increase
your commitment.
However, the truth is I did not commit to the major investor
level to be first. I did not have a plan to take a leadership role and
hopefully set an example for the rest of the membership. I’ve learned the value
of advocacy and made my commitment automatically when the pledge form was
presented to me at our first board meeting.
I am suspect of politics and politicians. We all know how
the public feels about congress, and elected officials in general. Their
approval rating is at or below 20 percent. For many years I allowed that
feeling to influence my investment. I know we do not invest or contribute to a
party or a politician; we invest in people who support home ownership issues. But
knowing the process and seeing tangible results are separate issues. Being in a
leadership role, I attend meetings for the Kansas Association of REALTORS®,
Missouri REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. Having the opportunity
to listen to the issues, understand the key talking points and then tie those
together with legislation was my missing piece.
According to Freddie Mac:
  1. Homeownership and You. Our founding fathers linked the notion
    of property ownership to security, a stake in the ground, and general
    happiness. The same applies today as homeownership remains the cornerstone of
    the American Dream – providing families with a sense of emotional and financial
    stability and, historically, boosting household wealth through equity and
    appreciation over time.
  2. Homeownership and Your
    Homeownership plays a vital role in helping to build
    strong, stable communities. In addition to it bolstering your community’s
    treasury through taxes, research shows the many social benefits it provides,
    including increased volunteerism, improved health and less crime.
  3. Homeownership and Our
    The housing market is a driving force in our economy, with the Bureau of
    Economic Analysis estimating that it accounted for approximately 12.3 percent
    of our gross domestic product in 2017. It’s the thread that runs through all
    aspects of our local and national economies, from construction to
    manufacturing. Homeowners also tend to buy more goods and use more services in
    their communities, further benefiting the economy.

My exposure to the issues and the effect we have on
home ownership through the REALTOR® Political Action Committee changed my investment from
an obligation to an eager participant.What we do is important!

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