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President Moyer: Cooperation and Compromise Are Not Dead

August 9, 2019 in Guest Columns

Cooperation and a code of ethics separate us from all other
industries as well as the crazy world in which we live. As the country
heads into another election cycle and we experience increased division, I am proud
to be a REALTOR®.

We are truly unique. We compete with one another for a
finite number of opportunities. We compete with agents in our office as well as
other companies. Yet we do so in a civilized fashion. We understand the value
of cooperation, compromise and representing our clients in a professional,
productive manner.

We are all sadden by not just the violence we see, but the
negative rhetoric, name calling and labeling that is our political
reality. From time to time I am in a conversation questioning the value of
our votes. Can we make a difference with one vote?

I believe the answer is yes. A vote represents more than a
selection; it is an affirmation of our beliefs and values. Our greatest
impact, however, is in our daily actions. When we cooperate with fellow
REALTORS® and work together in our client’s best interest, we break the cycle
of division. It may seem like a small thing, but enough small things lead to

This fall we will be voting on new members for the KCRAR Board
of Directors. We will have openings in both the Northland and Sunflower
regions. If you are interested, applications can be found here. The
application deadline is Sept. 5. This is one election that will not create
animosity and division. Members who volunteer to serve will leave their company
affiliation at the door and represent all REALTORS® — another way we separate
ourselves from the general population.

Be proud of what you do and remember to set the example the
rest of the country so desperately needs. The example of cooperation,
compromise and working in everyone’s best interest.

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