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President Howe: Let’s Start with Mile One

January 17, 2020 in President's Message

For some of you who know me personally, or listen to Alex
Goering and me on Kansas City
, you might know that I’m a runner. In fact, I just finished the
Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge in Orlando earlier this month. It was totally
Dopey: running a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon in four consecutive
days. If you’d asked me years ago if I ever thought I’d be running marathons, I
probably would have said no. But the more you run, the more endurance you build
up. Running a business in real estate is kind of like that too.

Before we can ever run “marathons” in our careers, we have
to have solid foundations that came from smaller goals and preparation. One of
the best ways to build and maintain a strong foundation is by taking advantage
of the resources that are available to you, and KCRAR offers a huge variety of
benefits and services to help you in any stage of your career. The access we
have to free education at KCRAR is second to none. Many REALTOR® associations
across the country do not offer complimentary courses. Here, we have access to a diverse line-up of
live and online education totally for free. I urge you to look through the
KCRAR course offerings as ways to build up your career and prepare you for
what’s to come.

Being a member of KCRAR also comes with lots of
opportunities to network, which can be a huge leg up. Getting to know other
REALTORS® who may be at a different place in their career or industry partners
with different specialties gives us the opportunity to learn. They can
encourage and motivate you to keep pushing forward.

One of the best events for both education and networking is
coming up soon. I urge you to attend this
year’s Recharge Conference
on March 4. You will walk away with so many
ideas and connections that will get you in the best mind-set for the year to

This year and your career as a whole is a marathon. Let’s
start at mile one and see how far we can go.

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