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How to Effectively Use the New Member Portal

February 15, 2018 in Guest Columns



Hi. Jennifer Moreno from accounting here!

With the busy dues season behind us, I wanted to take the opportunity to address some feedback we have received regarding our new member portal. There has been some confusion about how to log in to the portal and pay a bill. I thought it would be helpful to go over some great ways the member portal can assist you in your accounting needs. First, how do you get to the portal? You can simply log in to, click on the green tile in the top right corner that says “KCRAR LOGIN” and enter your username and password.

You can also log in through Matrix. Just look for the Member Portal Tools on the home page of Heartland MLS and click Portal Homepage or Pay Your HMLS/KCRAR Bill.

Member Login

Once you are in the Member Portal, make sure to click on the blue tile and “Update Your Member Profile.” This a fast and accessible way to update phone number, email and address information.

You can also change your billing preferences to have annual dues and HMLS fees automatically withdrawn from a credit card. If you select auto bill pay, make sure to save changes, click on payment information and input credit card information.

If you owe an outstanding balance, it will appear in a green tile. (Note: this does not include office staff or agents under you, and if your office pays your HMLS fees it will not appear in your green tile.)

The home screen can look a little different for some members. If you have a personal assistant or are a broker, your company will appear in a gray tile under the blue tile member profile.


This is where you go to pay your agents’ orders. For example, if you are office-billed and you, the broker, pay for your agents’ MLS fees, you would click on “Pay Agent Orders” and proceed to payment. Our new system does not accommodate auto bill pay for entire offices. We hope to have this available in the near future for our members.

To view your paid orders, scroll to the bottom of the home screen and click on the purple tile that says “Order History.” At this screen you can print all paid orders for your records.

We hope the member portal will be a user-friendly tool that you will become accustomed to using for your KCRAR accounting needs. You can access it anytime, from the convenience of your computer. Of course, the Accounting Team here at KCRAR is available to answer any questions for you Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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