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Catching Up with YPN

June 27, 2017 in Guest Columns

Yes, that’s right…half of the
year is already behind us. The market remains hot in several price points and
inventory in those same price points is basically non-existent. Blah, blah,
blah, you know the story. You LIVE the story.

But with
6 months under your belt, has 2017 kept you busy and engaged so far?
as your chairman for YPN—it certainly has for me!

Year to date, YPN/KC has hosted 4
extremely successful YPN Wednesday events, with attendance averaging over fifty
people on the regular. These have featured local experts from all over our
representative market who have shared their secrets and best practices on
topics like real estate teams, income property and our annual Recharge Recap.

Last May, YPN teamed up with some
of KCRAR’s affiliate partners for a wildly entertaining tailgate in conjunction
with “REALTOR® Day at The K.” So many of you participated and—even
better—donated tools for the upcoming Rock the Block event, a charitable
community enrichment day that partners with Habitat for Humanity. As a group,
we were able to load up close to a dozen boxes worth of hammers, gloves,
painting supplies, and many more items that will be in the hands of volunteer
REALTORS® this fall.

As if that weren’t enough, the
second half of the year will include another amazing (and hilarious) digital
short which will help all association members shore up their video marketing
techniques, 3 more YPN Wednesday topics and speakers, a party to help support
RPAC awareness and investment and an end-of-the-year afterparty following the
KCRAR Awards Dinner.

I frequently mention as the 2017
Committee Chair that YPN is a great “gateway drug” to deeper involvement with
KCRAR and a great place to start learning about professionalism in our industry.
There are a lot of great and highly productive real estate agents in our market
who can give very helpful feedback and their valuable participation at KCRAR.

If you haven’t yet joined in the
fun with YPN, then I invite you to join us at any of our upcoming events. Please
come introduce yourself to me and I will make sure you feel welcomed.

Cheers to more awesomeness in 2017!

For more information on YPN, feel free to visit the YPN Lounge for informative blog posts and regular updates.

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