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Vote YES for A Better KCI

November 2, 2017 in Community

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, residents of Kansas City, Mo. will have the opportunity to cast their votes to build a new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport.
Much of Kansas City’s business community, including KCRAR, stand behind this project for many reasons:
  • The new terminal will offer a better experience with more space for passengers as airlines invest in larger aircraft; faster, more efficient services; and new retail and dining locations.
  • A redesigned airport makes Kansas City more competitive for securing additional flights and destinations from airlines.
  • The new single terminal will be paid for by the airlines and those who use the airport — there will be no new tax increases.
Whether you live in Kansas City, Mo. or not, here’s how to help:
Share positive information on the new airport proposal with your co-workers, friends and family, and remind the ones who live in Kansas City, Mo. to vote YES on Nov. 7, 2017.

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