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Supra Updates Access Point to CBS Codes within Its App

February 26, 2021 in KCRAR

Some Industry Partners, such as home inspection companies, radon companies and photographers, may subscribe to receive Supra eKeys and access iBoxes to enter listed properties on their own for the convenience of REALTORS®. But for these members to gain access, they will need a Call Before Showing (CBS) Code from the property’s listing agent. These codes are accessible from within the Supra eKey app, and their location has recently changed.

To find the CBS code within the Supra ekey app, listing agents should:

  • Select “My Keyboxes” on the home page
  • Select the serial number of the lockbox at the listing
  • Select “Program Keybox”
  • The seven-digit CBS code can then be found in the “Require CBS” section

The “CBS Code Required” toggle switch should remain in the OFF (grey) position, otherwise everyone attempting to enter the iBox will be required to enter the CBS Code for the iBox. Agents can also change the seven-digit CBS code to a number they can easily remember by tapping on the CBS code space and typing in any seven-digit number. Agents can also change the CBS codes to be the same on all their Supra iBoxes.

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