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“No Lease Fee” Lockboxes in 2017

February 6, 2017 in KCRAR

Once again, KCRAR is providing its members with a benefit that members of other REALTOR associations do not receive, use of an “allocation” of Supra iBoxes at no cost! The KCRAR lockbox allocation program helps KCRAR members defray some of the costs of participating in a secure lockbox system.

Many KCRAR members will receive a “no lease fee” allocation of lockboxes for use in 2017 at absolutely no cost to the member. This “no lease fee” allocation is based on each member’s listing activity in Heartland MLS. While this allocation won’t supply all of the lockboxes a member may want or need, it does provide a quantity of lockboxes based on the member’s average number of listings in Heartland MLS in 2016. Members whose no lease fee allocation increased in 2017 over 2016 may pick up additional lockboxes any time after March 1st.

As a reminder, KCRAR Members who are active subscribers of Supra key services through KCRAR may lease any number of iBoxes needed. The allocation only determines the number of no cost lockboxes in which no lockbox lease fee is paid by the member. Additional lockboxes over/above a member’s allocation may be leased at any time on an annual pro-rated basis for a fee equivalent of $2.50 per month.

On January 3rd, members with an allocation received a personalized communication via email that stated the number of no lease fee lockboxes available to them in 2017.

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