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Missouri REALTORS® Launches Tech Helpline as No-Cost Resource to Members

March 18, 2021 in KCRAR

Missouri REALTORS® (MR) launched a program called Tech Helpline earlier this week as a service to its members, a tool which is also available to Kansas members through the Kansas Association of REALTORS®. Both of these helplines are available at no cost to members of KAR and MR as a membership benefit.

Tech Helpline is available to members by phone, email or live chat. Tech Helpline operators are available Monday through Saturday to answer any of technology questions, from smart phone issues to browser trouble and more.

MR members can call 866-610-8911 and KAR members can call 866-432-3021 to get their questions answered, or members of either Association can reach out via chat at or email at

Upon receiving a member’s call or message, Tech Helpline will verify that member’s active REALTOR® membership and troubleshoot the technology problem with the member.

This is a free service provided by MR and KAR to Missouri and Kansas members; there is no limit to the number of calls a member can make, and there are no hidden costs.

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