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Membership Approves Bylaw Changes

August 1, 2017 in KCRAR

KCRAR Members were recently sent ballots to consider changes
to the KCRAR Bylaws. There were three
proposed Bylaw changes and all three amendments passed with a resounding “YES”. One Bylaw change involved an update of the KCRAR Mission Statement (82% approval); another revision resulted in a change to the composition of the KCRAR Board of Directors (86% approval); and the final revision involved the makeup of the KCRAR Executive Committee (88% approval).

Updated KCRAR Mission Statement

“It is the mission of the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® to serve as the regional voice of real estate and private property rights while providing innovative resources, tools, and education focused on member success and professionalism.”

Changed the Composition of the Board of Directors

the one-year Presidential appointment of a Small Firm Representative having 10 or fewer REALTOR® members, with a Small Firm Representative with 20 or fewer REALTOR® members for a three-year term.
Require the Commercial Representative to be a REALTOR® member or an NAR Institute Affiliate.
Require elected Directors to be REALTOR® members or NAR Institute Affiliates.
Created four new at-large elected Director positions with the requirement that two of the four positions be held by Broker-Owners or Managing Brokers.
Eliminated the existing elected Director positions from each Region based on the member population in the Region and replace with one elected Director from each Region.

Changes to the KCRAR Executive Committee

Removal of the requirement that a Commercial member serve on the Executive Committee.
Require the composition of the Executive Committee not to exceed four members from any one brand.

Thanks to all KCRAR members who voted!

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