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Legal Hotlines Available to KCRAR Members

March 10, 2023 in KCRAR

KCRAR members have access to legal hotlines through the Kansas Association of REALTORS® (KAR) and Missouri REALTORS® (MR). These hotlines offer access to experienced real estate attorneys who can provide answers to callers’ legal questions related to their real estate business.

All MR members have access to the MR Legal Line, through which they can call directly during operative hours or submit their questions online. MR members can learn more about Legal Line, including hours of operation, frequently asked questions and more at

KAR brokers have access to the KAR legal hotline through their KCRAR subscription. This hotline offers quick access to attorney Vern Jarboe and his team of Kansas real estate experts. KAR brokers can learn more about the legal hotline, including hours of operations, what to expect when calling and more at  

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