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Legal Hotline Now Available to Kansas Brokerages at No Cost

January 24, 2018 in KCRAR

Kansas brokerages with legal
questions will now have access to a legal hotline at no charge to them.
Previously, the Kansas Association of REALTORS
® (KAR) hotline was available to brokerage firms on an
annual subscription basis, and now, KCRAR pays the full cost of the Kansas Legal
Hotline for KCRAR member firms belonging to the Kansas Association of REALTORS

Missouri brokers and agents
have had access to a no-cost legal hotline through the Missouri REALTORS
® Association (MR), and now
KCRAR’s Kansas members will have a comparable service, the cost of which will
be covered as a KCRAR member benefit.

This hotline is available to brokers or broker-designated
agents for access to legal experts any time they have a legal question. Access
or read more about the KAR and MR hotlines here

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