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KCRAR’s Professional Standards in 2016

February 6, 2017 in KCRAR

KCRAR’s Professional Standards in 2016

In 2016, KCRAR saw eight total ethics cases and four requests for arbitration, for which two hearings were held. The following offers further details regarding the disputes that took place this past year.

– 8 ethics cases were filed in total; four were from the public and four were from REALTORS.
The articles cited are as follows:
– 5 cited Article 12 (Advertising)
– 3 cited Article 1 (Honesty)
– 2 cited Article 15 (Slander)
– 2 cited Article 2 (Misrepresentation)
– 1 cited Article 3 (Cooperation)
– 1 cited Article 9 (Get it in Writing)
– 1 cited Article 11 (Competency)
The articles actually found in violation are as follows:
– 1 violation for Article 16 (SOP 16-5) (Agency)
– 1 violation for Article 11 (SOP 11-1) (Competency)
– 4 ethics complaints were withdrawn by the Complainaint prior to either Grievance Committee or hearing.
– Fines levied ranged from $150 to $250.
Further disciplinary actions given include:
– Letters of warning
– Completion of education classes (i.e. ethics and agency courses) to be completed within 90 days of ratification of decision
1 fine of $250 was issued for a violation of Article 3 (SOP 3-4) (Cooperation)
– 4 requests for arbitration were received for commissions in dispute, ranging from $5,700 to $18,573.
1 arbitration request was resolved prior to hearing or mediation.
1 arbitration was dismissed as not able to be arbitrated by the Grievance Committee.
2 arbitration hearings were held.

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