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KCRAR Members Honored with Emeritus Membership Status

August 21, 2020 in KCRAR

Three distinguished KCRAR REALTORS® recently reached the milestone Emeritus membership status, which recognizes 40 years of REALTOR® membership. Paula Hartman, Charlene MacCallum and Wally Melte have been REALTORS® since 1979 and were inducted into the Emeritus program in March.

“KCRAR is so grateful to have such dedicated members who care for our industry the way Char, Wally and Paula do,” KCRAR President Bobbi Howe said. “These REALTORS® not only serve as an inspiration to their industry peers, but the work they do has a positive impact on our community.”

In addition to 40 years of membership, Hartman, MacCallum and Melte have each served on multiple committees during their time as REALTORS®.

Paula Hartman:

New Homes Task Force

Grievance Committee

Standard Forms Review

Charlene MacCallum:

Education Advisory Group

Personal Assistant Task Force

Professional Development Committee

Wally Melte:
Kansas Advocacy Committee

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