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KCRAR Members Announced as 2022 State Leadership at MR Conference

October 1, 2021 in KCRAR

Image description: The 2021 MR Leadership Academy class takes the stage at the MR Conference in KCMO.

Missouri REALTORS® (MR) held its annual Fall conference this week in Kansas City. Among the events, many KCRAR members were announced as leaders on the MR Board of Directors or committees. 2018 KCRAR President Andrea Sheridan will be installed in early 2022 as MR President-Elect, and the following KCRAR members are also entering leadership positions at the state level in Missouri:

  • Bobbi Howe, Executive Committee
  • Andrea Sheridan, Vice Chair, Finance & Budget Committee
  • Jennifer Langston-Justus, Vice Chair, Advocacy Committee
  • Terri Gilgour, Chair, Risk Management Committee
  • Tony Conant, Vice Chair, Commercial Output Group
  • Kathryn Clark, Chair, Residential Forms Committee
  • Lin Van Meter, Chair, Specialty Groups Output Group

Additionally, KCRAR members Sherri Rickel and Cortney Stansbury graduated from the MR Leadership Academy on Thursday, which is an annual program for which 12-16 REALTORS® from across Missouri are admitted.

Many sessions from the conference were recorded and are currently available for viewing on MR’s website.

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