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Kansas City RealTalk Podcast Launches on iTunes

November 14, 2018 in KCRAR

KCRAR has launched a new podcast called Kansas City
RealTalk. The podcast, which originated as a concept from KCRAR’s professional
development committee, is hosted by 2019 KCRAR President-Elect Bobbi Howe and
2017 KCRAR Salesperson of the Year Alex Goering.

Taking on topics like business planning and advocacy, each
episode is designed to entertain, while advising and informing listeners on
topics relevant to their real estate careers.

“As real estate professionals, many of us spend a large
amount of time in our vehicles every day,” Goering said. “With KCRAR’s launch
of Kansas City RealTalk, members will be able to learn from other local
professionals and keep up with association news during their commute – and
hopefully have some fun in the process!”

The first episode brings in KCRAR and HMLS CEO Kipp Cooper
and KCRAR President Andrea Sheridan, who open up on how 2018 went in the market
and as an Association and outline some of the benefits of being a part of an
Association and MLS.

“The purpose of the MLS is to have a fair and equal playing
field,” Cooper said on the show, “and I think when you let other entities start
to take over the management of that, it really starts to become the ‘Wild Wild
West,’ where your contracts aren’t accepted, where your compensation isn’t paid,
where really unscrupulous tactics go on.”

New episodes will premiere every other Wednesday on SoundCloud
and iTunes,
where anyone can subscribe for free to be sure they are hearing the latest
episodes as they’re released. Listen to the first episode below in its entirety,
or, to listen on an iPhone, just open the ‘Podcasts’ app that comes
automatically downloaded on iPhones, and search “Kansas City RealTalk.”

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