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How to Locate Supra CBS Codes to Grant Authorized Access for Home Inspectors

July 3, 2018 in KCRAR

Some affiliate members such as inspection companies may
subscribe to receive Supra keys and access iBoxes to enter listing properties.
But for these affiliate members to gain access, they will need a Call Before
Showing (CBS) Code from the property’s listing agent.

REALTORS® in possession of Supra iBoxes can use these CBS
Codes to provide access to home inspectors or other affiliate members who may need
to enter the property when the REALTOR® is not there to open the box for them.
These codes are unique to each lockbox and must be communicated from the
REALTOR® in possession of the lockbox to the affiliate member.

When an affiliate member with a Supra key needs access, three ways exist for listing agents to locate the CBS Code for their iBoxes:

  • Looking up the CBS Codes on
  • Calling 1-888-968-4032, entering the eKey serial
    number and PIN and following the automated voice system
  • Looking up the code on the Supra eKey mobile app
    – navigate to “Inventory” > select the correct iBox > tap “Edit” >
    check the “Require CBS Code” box, revealing the code > uncheck the “Require
    CBS Code” box
Members can print this flyer as a quick reference.

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