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Five County Board of REALTORS® Merges with KCRAR

December 6, 2019 in KCRAR

KCRAR and Heartland MLS CEO Kipp Cooper announced at the Holiday Party on Wednesday
the merger of the Five County Board of REALTORS® with KCRAR. This decision came
as a vote from the members of the Five County Board of REALTORS® as well as the
KCRAR Board of Directors and will be effective Jan. 1, 2020.

With this merger will come the addition of the Five County
Chapter of KCRAR, which will be made up of Vernon, St. Clair, Cedar, Barton and
Dade counties on the Southwestern side of Missouri. Through this merger, KCRAR
will be gaining 80 members, who will all have access to benefits and resources
through KCRAR that were not previously offered through their local association.
The 2019 President-Elect of Five County Board of REALTORS®, Scott Theis, will be joining
the KCRAR Board of Directors for 2020, representing the new Five County Chapter

All historical data from the Five County MLS is being added to Heartland MLS this month, and the conversion to HMLS will take place Feb. 1.

This merger will bring KCRAR’s jurisdiction to a total of 34
counties across Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri, consisting not only of the
new Five County Chapter, but also of the Midwest Missouri Chapter and the St.
Joseph Chapter, which were added to KCRAR in early 2018 and 2019, respectively.

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