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Dotloop Launches New Messaging Functionality

August 17, 2018 in KCRAR

Dotloop recently announced a new messaging capability
within its platform. The new messaging features enable one-on-one and group conversations,
as well as document sharing via text message. Messages can be sent through
dotloop and are received on mobile phones without requiring login to a dotloop

“Messaging is the fastest and
most popular way real estate professionals are communicating these days. That’s
why we’re investing in making it a more central and integral part of the
dotloop experience,” said
Austin Allison, founder and general manager of dotloop. “By enabling seamless
conversations and document sharing, dotloop users can more easily navigate the
real estate transaction process, increasing productivity, accountability and

KCRAR members have access to dotloop as a member benefit,
and this new functionality adds another level of ease. This dotloop Messenger

  • Send, access, edit and eSign real estate documents via
    links within dotloop messages; recipients can respond like they would to any
    text message without having to download dotloop
  • Auto-generated summaries of all document edits
    and reshares
  • Send messages to both mobile numbers and email addresses and
    they can respond from either
  • Unlimited group messages with the option to add
    a title to the group message
  • Read receipts to determine whether messages and
    documents have been opened and read
  • Messages appear from generated phone numbers with
    geolocated area codes so agents can communicate with clients without sharing
    their personal number
  • Export business conversation history as a .csv
    spreadsheet for compliance purposes

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