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CEO Kipp Cooper: Let’s Fight the Spread of Coronavirus

March 6, 2020 in Guest Articles

While the CDC reports that most people in the United States
do not have an immediate risk of exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is likely
that the virus will make its way to the Greater Kansas City Region in some form. According
to the Center for Disease Control, two of the best ways to reduce the risk of
transmission and mitigate exposure is to make sure that all surface areas are
clean and that everyone is regularly washing their hands. As your association’s
CEO, I can assure you that your safety and wellbeing is a top priority for me
and the entire leadership team. I am proud to report that we are already taking
significant steps to mitigate the potential risk to our members and staff and
will be updating you regularly with information as it becomes available.

Steps we have recently taken include:

  • Hand sanitizer stations and signage at all public events and
  • All classroom chairs and desks are being wiped down with
    disinfectant wipes after every class
  • All entry and exit doorknobs are being wiped down with
    disinfectant wipes hourly
  • All required travel to out-of-state meetings for volunteers
    and staff is now at their discretion and all staff travel to meetings in states
    that have declared a state of emergency has been placed on hold for the time
  • Volunteers and members exhibiting flu like symptoms will be
    asked to conduct business and or volunteer remotely
  • Staff exhibiting flu like symptoms will be asked to work
    from home if their job allows and are able to work, or take mandatory sick time
  • All staff members have been instructed to wash their hands
    and use hand sanitizer consistently throughout the day
  • Continued monitoring of updates from the CDC as well as our
    state and local health authorities for guidance on holding events in our area

We believe these efforts will dramatically reduce the
possible transmission of the virus in our KCRAR offices and at our events and
allow us to continue to provide the highest level of service to you, our valued

The National Association of REALTORS® has also put together
an excellent Coronavirus Guide for REALTORS®
that I encourage every REALTOR® to read and understand.

Some key topics include:

  • Should I still conduct open houses on my properties?
  • May I ask clients or others if they have traveled recently,
    or have signs of respiratory illness?
  • May I refuse to drive potential clients to see homes?
  • What precautions should brokers take in their offices?

In closing, do not panic, stay informed, and use your best
judgment. The situation is rapidly changing, so focus on ways to keep yourself,
your customers and your clients informed and safe so that you are able to
navigate this issue and avoid business disruption in the event the situation

Respectfully yours,


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